The Most Popular IT Certifications of 2017

The amazing advancements in technology since the mid-17th century and the advent of the Industrial Revolution have made many changes in people’s lives. Many things have been invented, discovered, and developed by humans to make their lives easier. Computer is one such invention that human beings invented to make their lives easier and reduce their workload. Computer is derived by the word “Computing”, which also means calculating. This meaning describes the reason why the computer was created. It was initially invented to perform large calculations by scientists and researchers. It was transformed by the latest advances, which allowed it to be used to store, retrieve, fetch and perform all tasks programmed by humans. These advances have led to many fields that can be studied and pursued as a profession, such as software engineering, computer engineering or information technology. Information Technology is the general term for the field that uses computers to store, retrieve, process, and send information. Information Technology is the technology-based handling of information. Many certifications are available in Information Technology. They provide the ability to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools that can be used in this field. These certifications can be obtained by various institutions as well as online. Below are a few of these certifications:
(ISC)2 CISSP Certificate:

Information technology is concerned with the security systems used by different institutions, businesses, military, and other departments. Therefore, people who work under the banner of information technology. (ISC 2 CISSP is the certification that deals with providing information and complete knowledge about the entire security program. This includes the design, planning, execution, and maintenance of security systems required to provide security in organizations, especially when data is encoded or decoded within them. Security is an important aspect of today’s world, where data is susceptible to theft and modifications. The (ISC2)2 CISSP certification is a good option if you are involved in security through advanced technological systems. It is recommended that those who intend to be high-profile security professionals in corporate departments should obtain it.
EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certification

All loopholes in a business or organization must be identified in order for it to be successful. The EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker Certification (CEH), one of the most popular certifications in 2017, is responsible for providing comprehensive knowledge to interested individuals regarding how to identify security gaps in their security system, the importance of this identification, and how to fill these gaps to make vulnerable systems work safely, securely, and efficiently.
The EC council proposed the certification. Thousands of men work tirelessly to create an updated curriculum for certification that meets the needs of a rapidly changing world. To ensure that a business runs smoothly and effectively, it must be able to meet both internal and external requirements. The certification allows professionals and officials to address potential threats to the security system of companies in a well-organized manner.
Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) Certification

CCNA, also known as Cisco Certified Network Association Certification is a certification that is granted to people who are part of the cloud of information technology by Cisco. The CCNA certification is the best, and it can be obtained in a minimum of 30 days. This certification provides complete knowledge, concepts, and skills in the field of information technology, as well as the aspects of networking. The CCNA certification is an initial level that is offered to people in information technology. It aims to provide the foundations of the field. However, its beneficial effects can be seen in the technical and networking skills of the certified individuals. There are many approved Cisco institutes that provide coaching for this certification. The certification is an international.

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