The Most Popular Safety and Health Certifications in 2017

Each field requires that individuals learn and obtain professional education to be able to provide quality service to their organizations. It is important to have the right education in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness in work performance. Certifications are designed to give the learner the knowledge and professional education that will help them improve their workplace skills and abilities. Certifications are offered in many industries with the aim of improving efficiency in the workplace by both employees and professional trainers. Safety and health are also important to be considered in every organization, regardless of its industry. All organizations must comply with safety and health regulations. The department of safety and health has the main function of ensuring that workers are safe.
Properly placing emergency equipment (fire extinguisher and water tanks, fire exits, and fire pumps, etc.)
It is important that the machinery used in the organization be kept in good working order and updated.
The working environment should not affect the health of workers.
Regular or weekly inspections of the organization’s safety and health standards.
To provide the correct knowledge and training to the health and safety officers, they must have the certification knowledge and experience in the related field. Many certifications are available at Health and Safety worldwide. These certifications are widely accepted by those who want to continue their careers in the field.
We will discuss some of the most sought-after certifications of safety and health around the globe. These are:
1. Certified Safety and Health Manager (CSHM).
This accreditation is a popular certification in safety and health that provides the ability to teach safety and health learners in these areas:
This certification is issued by EHS managers i.e. Managers responsible for safety, health, and environmental issues.
It was created for future EHS managers.
The learner will receive the confirmation of their business management skills and safety.
The certification provides technical knowledge for the learners that can be used by safety officers within the organizations.

This recognition is most appropriate for professionals who want to hold a higher or executive position within the organization.
2. Certified Safety Management Practitioner (CSMP).
This certification is intended to provide high-level skills and training in the areas of Environmental, Health and Safety for professionals from all fields. These are the main elements of the certification:
EHS requires Authentication of Job Management Skills.
Provides the technical knowledge necessary for the professional.
To establish credibility or to provide service, object.
This course is for professionals with experience in safety and health, but not formal education.

The majority of professionals who work in the areas of project management, human resource professionals, and engineers are eligible for the CSMP Certification in safety and health management. These professionals are required to perform EHS duties in their organizations.
3. Associate Safety and Health Manager (ASHM).
CSHM certification is also known by ASHM certification. After a person has completed the ASHM basics, he can apply to certify for the CSHM course. This certification is for individuals with a combination of experience and entry-level education. These are the main objectives of the certification:
Graduates of ABET/Board approved programs are eligible for immediate qualification
It will increase the value of your designation without any compulsion to take the exam.
It will help the individual prepare for CSHM in the future.
EHS management certification for entry-level managers

ASHM is for young professionals who wish to get started in EHS management.
4. Certified School Safety Manager (CSSM).
CSSM is a certification in EHS that is intended for the administrative level school safety certification. This certification is mainly sought by administrators, managers, and higher authority managers and facilitators. These are the main objectives of this certification:
This certification is for resource officers, facility managers, and other staff.

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