The Health Information Field: Embracing the Exchange of Ideas

Dana McWay, an expert in Health Care, Law and Ethics, is the author of Cengage Texts Today’s Health Information Management, 3e and Legal and Ethics Aspects Health Information Management, 5.

Recently, I was able to participate in the annual meeting the National Advisory Committee in Health Informatics at DeVry University’s Health Informatics Program. Because of the longstanding relationship between Cengage University and DeVry, this opportunity was possible. This allowed DeVry to naturally seek out additional professionals to join its Advisory Committee. This activity was designed to give DeVry University faculty and administrators the opportunity to partner with professionals from the HI discipline in order to get feedback about their program.
Discussion of Health Information Topics
It was an extraordinary experience to be a partner with DeVry. The whole group worked together to offer advice, insight, and counsel on technical skills required for HI career opportunities. Not only for today’s career, but also for future ones. We provided independent expertise to DeVry in assessing the curriculum. We also shared ideas and experiences for experiential learning. We discussed the trends, economic forces and cultural shifts that affect the HI profession. DeVry can help students who want to enter the profession meet these challenges. We discussed, for example, how students can harness the health information in wearable technology to improve healthcare delivery in the future. This experience had a key benefit: the exchange of multiple points of view by the many members of the committee.
DeVry was able to benefit from the exchange as much as I did from the insights gained from HI professionals. DeVry’s dedication and care for its students was something I learned a lot about. I was also able to see the thorough evaluation it made of its educational program. This was a valuable experience that I will never forget.

You can find more Dana McWay’s work at Today’s Health Information Management 3e.

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