Superhero Technology Awards 2020

Superhero Technology Award Winner 2020 (Middle East).
It will be a pleasure to speak at the Middle East Technology Summit and Awards event, as a proud Global Super Hero CISO Award winner.
When: 18th July 2020
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2020 Covid-19 Superhero Technology Awards
The Covid-19 pandemic not only affected more than 5 million people, but also claimed 300,000+ lives. This has caused the global economy to grind to a halt, in addition to the psychological scarrings and human losses. The situation is not improving, but people are willing to accept it and allow countries and businesses to return to normalcy.
2:00 pmWelcome Speech from Editor, Enterprise ITMEA2:05 PMSpeech given by Chief Guest2;10 PMKeynote Presentation (Platinum Sponsor : COVID-19 Impact in Middle East and Africa2:20 PMKeynote Presentation: AI, RPA, & Automation3.00 pmPanel discussion – “New Normal” and Future Workforce3:20 PMKeynote Presentation: AI, RPA, & Automation3.00 pmKeynote Presentation: AI, RPA, & Lucky draw4:40 pmProject Awards-Part 25:00 pmOEM Awards-Part 35:30pmThanking NoteDr Erdal Ozkaya
Covid19 Superhero Technology Summit & Awards
After affecting nearly 9 million people, Covid19 has now reached the smallest hamlets in India. It has also engulfed more than 400 000 people worldwide. It has left an indelible mark on the minds of people and paralyzed financial and industrial growth. It has created distrust between governments. In this situation, each government had placed restrictions on citizens’ movement and halted access to essential services. It was much more difficult for people just to survive. It lasted for two months, but there were OEMs and partners who supported each other in order to support their customers.

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