Reader Survey: What Have You Told Me?

Let’s talk about YOU…
Some of you took part in my reader survey recently. Thank you! These results give us a great insight into who you are and what topics you would like to read about on this blog.
Are you interested in hearing what your peers have to say? Let’s see…
There is no average blog reader
There are many levels of project management experience among readers. It’s a third of the population with less than 4 years experience managing projects, another third with 5-10 years experience, and the last third with more than 10 years experience managing projects.
I have used Google Analytics to gain a better understanding of readers. Here are some interesting numbers:
60% of readers are men.
35% of the population is between 25-34 years old, and 29% are in the same age group as me, 35-44.
40% of our readers are from the United States.
The blog attracts around 17k visitors each month and generates approximately 35k pageviews. You’re in good company!

You love How To Guides
63 percent of respondents said they enjoyed the most reading How-To guides to help them get the job done.
I was glad to hear that 12% enjoyed reading book reviews. They are one of my favorite posts to write.
My rambling opinions received 11% of the vote. I may scale back. I am happy to report that a large portion of people had no preference whatsoever, so hopefully that’s a sign that I did something right.
Here’s what you won’t like to read
Surprisingly, the most common response to this question was “No Preference”. Thanks for that! Over 65% of respondents said that they didn’t mind but couldn’t think of a thing they didn’t like about reading.
Nearly one in five respondents preferred software reviews as their response. It’s easy to see why. If you’re not in the market for a new tool, you will have less interest in what products you have.
Interviews with other people were 2.6%, while articles by other people were 3.9%.
Management of stakeholders is your biggest challenge
Management of stakeholders is the most difficult thing facing you right now. Nearly 40% of respondents said that this is the case, with 1 in 4 reporting that managing stakeholders and collaborating are the solutions.
I was surprised at the 18% increase in professional development, which left scheduling at a low 7.9%. These figures show that project management is not all about the technical aspects of quality planning or risk management. It’s the way you manage others that makes it difficult. ).
Other topics were also suggested as answers to this question:
The role of the project sponsor (read more here, here and here about how to deal with the challenge of a sponsor)
Planning for resource capacity
Getting back into a PM job
Information and decisions from my boss
Lack of creativity (not sure if this was in the respondent or in others, but here’s 5 ways to increase creativity in your team).
Mangel of resources and funding
Management of third-party suppliers (interesting – I hope that I can write more about it in the future).
Manpower shortage

You are a friendly bunch!
Thank you so much for your lovely verbatim comments, and additional questions.
It was very popular to learn how I do it. “How do I manage my personal project to-do lists? I assume that you have multiple projects at the same time. One person wrote, “I struggle with how I manage my project-related tasks, beyond dealing the crisis of today.”
A project manager in Australia wrote that she had 2 children and tried to balance work and family life. Are you able to offer any advice for working mothers who want to manage projects part-time?
Despite my wish to have magic powers, I don’t possess them. I do however work part-time on my projects. You might find some insight into my daily life by reading more about it. But that’s something I’ll do.

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