RACI Matrix: What does it mean for project managers?

RACI Matrix: What does it mean for project managers?

Are you unsure of the roles and responsibilities for your project participants and key stakeholders. You are setting up trouble for your project, no matter how well-written your project plan. As a project manager, I’ve managed many projects to ensure that the project team delivered “What is expected.” It’s not as easy as it seems. The team was unclear about their roles and expectations at the beginning. This caused me to have some difficulties. It was difficult to get their commitment. This led to conflicts and problems that affected the project delivery.
It was obvious that defining and documenting roles and responsibilities is crucial to a project’s success. After exploring various models and tools, I came across the RACI model and the RACI matrix. This is a simple and effective way to delegate and assign responsibilities. It has helped me to build a team and improve the project’s outcome.
What is a RACI Matrix?
RACI matrix is a delegation chart that helps to map each step of the project in detail to avoid confusion.
RAM is a technique that assigns responsibilities and tasks to stakeholders and teams. RAM stands for “Responsibility Assignment Matrix.” A popular RAM tool is the RACI Chart, also known as a RACI Table or RACI diagram. RACI can be pronounced “RACEY.”
The RACI matrix is a powerful tool in project managerarsenal. RACI reduces confusion among team members about their roles or tasks. It clearly defines who owns the project, their responsibilities, who to report to, when to involve a manager, and when they can exercise their authority. This article will help you to find effective ways to use RACI matrix in your projects.
What is RACI?
RACI is an acronym that can be expanded to include;



Be informed

RACI integrates tasks or deliverables from WBS and OBS roles (Organization Broken Structure). It helps to establish expectations for all involved in the project.
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Linkage between OBS & WBS within RAM (or RACI charts)
What are the responsibilities and roles of the RACI?

Let’s now look at each RACI element in more detail.
These are the project people who perform the tasks and produce deliverables. They are responsible for completing the tasks. Depending on the complexity of the task, there may be multiple people responsible for a single task.
Individuals who are responsible for task delivery are accountable. They ensure that the task is completed as planned by responsible resources. They are the “owner” for the task. They are responsible for ensuring that tasks are completed and delivered according to the schedule. They must also ensure that all tasks related to the task are included in the matrix. It is important to have one person responsible for the successful completion and monitoring of the task. This will ensure that we don’t fall into the trap of “everybody’s liability is no one’s”.

These are the roles of individuals who must be consulted for any inputs or approvals before work is completed or signed off. They are not responsible for the actual project tasks, but provide consultation and assistance. They are usually a group that includes subject matter experts and are always available to help ensure smooth operation of the project.
This role does not engage in the completion of project tasks. They must be kept informed about the status of the project.

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