New Training: Maximizing Productivity

Simona Millham, SPOTO trainer, teaches you the basic knowledge that technical and non-technical professionals need in order to analyze and quantify production lines, assess them for productivity issues, and then create strategies to address them.
This video shows you how to increase productivity.
There is an important historical lesson from 1890s that can be used to improve productivity. The factories didn’t see any significant improvement in productivity as new, smaller, electric machines replaced the older steam-powered machines in the United States. Why? The reason? This lesson shows that new technologies should not be treated as better versions of older technologies. It ignores their true potential. Maximizing Productivity Training is designed to help you recognize the digital and physical opportunities that can make your company more productive.
This two-part series covers topics like:
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Start training
Homework is a great place to work.
Time Management Strategies

Although this training does not lead to certification, it is still valuable skills training for technical and non-technical professionals who want to learn productivity best practices.
This training covers the following topics:
Keep in touch with people
How to Deal with Procrastination
Technology Smartness
The Pomodoro Technique
Keep on Collaborating!

This training includes:
1 hour of training
15 videos

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