New Training: Docker Compose for Linux Container Management

This PowerShell training video by Trevor Sullivan teaches SPOTO trainer Trevor Sullivan how to use Docker Compose for managing Linux containers.
This new PowerShell and Docker training is available.
Application containers are now one of the most efficient ways to develop, test and deploy services. Docker is a well-known tool for creating container images and deploying them. Many applications can be broken down into smaller parts, commonly called microservices. An entire application can be deployed using multiple — or more — microservices. Each microservice lives in its own container.
This training includes:
11 videos
1.5 hours of training

You can watch a video from the series here:

How Docker helps you manage containers
Docker Compose allows you to manage multiple containers and deploy them as one entity. You can create a Docker Compose File and define one or more containers for your entire application using the well-known YAML syntax. Instead of creating containers for each microservice with the Docker CLI individually, the Docker ComposeCLI handles the entire process for you as a “stack”.
Docker Compose allows you to deploy pre-built containers images from a registry like Docker Hub. You can also create your own container images whenever code changes are made. These images are ready to deploy.
Docker Compose is a great tool for developing microservices applications. It can greatly improve your development and testing process.
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