NetSuite abandons AWS for Microsoft Cloud

NetSuite Inc. will be moving its enterprise resource management (ERP) software to the Microsoft Azure cloud from Amazon Web Services Inc.
This news comes despite AWS reporting strong financial results recently that show it outperforms its competitors. It has also repeatedly demonstrated its cloud dominance in various studies and surveys.
Azure is however often cited as the No. Azure is often ranked as the No. 1 competitor to AWS within the public cloud space in these various studies. The NetSuite switch is a huge customer win for Redmond’s software giant.
Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, was a key player in the deal.
Zach Nelson, NetSuite CEO, described how Nadella helped facilitate the agreement. According to several reports, Nelson even appeared via video during Nelson’s announcement of the switch to Azure at a NetSuite conference, on Tuesday. This was despite Nadella’s busy travels across the country to attend recent Microsoft conferences, San Francisco and Chicago.
Nelson stated Tuesday that “we’re at the “end of the beginning” of the cloud in that the cloud model that NetSuite pioneered back in 1998 is now the standard for how fast-growing businesses are run.” We are thrilled to partner with Microsoft to create a fluid cloud environment for the key NetSuite applications and Microsoft apps that companies and employees rely on to improve their day-today operations and run their businesses more efficiently.
The partnership will connect NetSuite’s cloud ERP offering to Microsoft Office 365, and the Azure cloud. This will simplify sign-on by integrating NetSuite with Azure Active Directory.
NetSuite will also integrate with other Microsoft technologies such as Excel, Power BI Office 365, and other Office 365 products.
The companies will collaborate to create a single interface that allows users to access both technologies.
NetSuite will move from AWS and on premise deployments to use Azure as its preferred cloud infrastructure platform. It will also take full advantage of Azure’s capabilities for testing, for developers, ISVs, and customers by the end of 2015.
The company also stated that the move will allow them to “build new software applications and integrates that leverage NetSuite’s cloud business management suite and powerful storage and compute capabilities from Azure. This will give businesses the significant advantages that have become synonymous with cloud computing, such as efficiency and flexibility, large productivity gains, and dramatic IT cost savings.”
NetSuite, a 1998-founded company that now reports more than 24,000 customers from subsidiaries and companies, has been working with AWS for over five years.

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