Netflix Replaces Open Source Cloud Deployment Software Built for AWS

Netflix Inc. announced that its homegrown Continuous Delivery Platform called Spinnaker is now available on the open source code repository GitHub.
Spinnaker will replace Asgard, which Netflix developed to assist with Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), deployments. This was six years ago when Netflix moved to the Amazon cloud.
“Asgard created a simple model for cloud-based apps that has made deployments and ongoing management of AWS resources easier for hundreds of engineers at Netflix,” said the Delivery Engineering Team at Netflix in a Sept. 30, blog post announcing the switch from Asgard to Spinnaker.
Andy Glover, a Netflix tech executive, announced yesterday that Spinnaker has supplanted Asgard and now has its own place on GitHub.
Glover stated, “If you are familiar with Netflix’s Asgard you’ll be in great hands.” “Spinnaker replaces Asgard and builds on many of its concepts. As changes to AWS assets via Asgard can be made compatible with those same assets via Spinnaker, there is no need to migrate from Asgard to Spinnaker.
Netflix stated that Asgard has shown weaknesses as the company has grown with an AWS footprint serving a wider audience, more apps needed to service customers and a higher rate of innovation to maintain a competitive edge. Netflix stated that the company’s desire to quickly move code, with high levels of confidence and visibility, has increased. “In this regard Asgard has failed.”
Project Spinnaker is an open-source multi-cloud Continuous Delivery Platform for software releases with high velocity.
Netflix stated that it collaborated with Pivotal, Microsoft, and Google to develop the cluster management tool. Glover stated that Spinnaker is now able to deploy to and manage clusters simultaneously on both AWS and Google Compute platform with full feature compatibility across both cloud providers. “Spinnaker supports Cloud Foundry deployments; support for the newest addition, Microsoft Azure is actively underway.”
Spinnaker is a Java Virtual Machine-based service that Spinnaker uses to manage. It is a single-page customizable AngularJS application (SPA) that is focused on pluggability. The SPA’s UI is based on a RESTful API that is exposed via a gateway service. Pipelines are a way to represent a delivery process that starts with asset creation (for instance, an Amazon Machine Image) and ends in deployment.
Glover stated that Spinnaker also offers cluster management capabilities and deep visibility into an application’s cloud footprint. “Via Spinnaker’s application view, it is possible to resize, delete and disable, as well as manually deploy new server group using strategies such as Blue-Green (or Red-Black, as we call them at Netflix). You can also create, edit, and destroy security groups.
Netflix has created a Slack channel to communicate about the project. They will also answer questions about the project on StackOverflow.

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