Is it possible to successfully deliver a project without really good project management resources?

Guest post by Susan de Sousa
Image by Yodel Anecdotal via Flickr
It is hard to find good project management resources. If you have the good fortune to have several great resources on your project, count yourself lucky. This shouldn’t surprise you. If the entire project team were of the highest quality, they wouldn’t need a Project manager to oversee it all. It would be just an admin assistant!
This is a good thing. As you climb up the career ladder, it becomes less of an issue as you manage more high-profile projects. Organisations are more likely to place their best people on the most important projects. They must be delivered on time and often involve the most complex solutions.
You quickly realize that even the smallest projects can be difficult to manage. What can you do to ensure that your team has the resources they need? There are three things you should keep in mind. These are:
1.0 Take control and be a leader
This means that you must not only take control of the delivery but also be visible as such. Your resources must be clear about the goals and when they are being delivered. They need to know that you will not just listen to them and then raise them in a log of risks and issues, but that you will actively work to resolve them.
2.0 Foster Team Spirit
The sum of all the parts is always greater than the individual parts. To solve the experience problem, encourage your team to work together. Encourage a “blitz spirit”, which means “we’re all here together so let’s support each other”. This applies to you too. You’ll be amazed at the results of being an extra pair or hands.
3.0 Find the Experts It is easy to be manipulated by colleagues. Deep down, you feel that you are being led down the garden path. But because you don’t have enough technical skills, you can’t challenge what you’re being told.
You need to find the “centres for excellence” within your Organisation or on the internet. Even if you don’t have all the resources necessary to complete your project, that doesn’t mean no one else does. You will quickly discover that there are always experts in a particular area or someone who has done something similar to what your project is doing.
These points will give you a solid foundation in project management. This is a crucial skill to have if you want the opportunity to move onto high-profile cutting-edge projects. provides further information on this vital area regarding managing project teams as well as developing successful project teams which you must know if you want to succeed.

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