Is a degree in Project Management required? A degree in Project Management is not common. It’s not something you should get. A master’s degree in Project Management without real-world experience is not recommended. Dita wrote me yesterday: How do you start a PM career without any PM experience Hi Josh, I’m a recent grad majoring Psychology and currently working as an HR Analyst for less that a year. I am looking into all career options, and Project Management came up. This profession interests me greatly! My question is: How do I get started in project management without any PM experience? My interest is in managing projects in the oil and gas sector. Do you think I should pursue PM training and courses or should I look for PM jobs directly? What job position should I take if I wanted to start looking for work? Do you have a better suggestion for Project Assistant? Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you Josh! Although I answered Dita’s questions directly, I want to address a specific issue I see often. If you are unsure, seek experience. I recommend that you build a solid foundation in project management and then actively search for a volunteer or paid role where you can get first-hand experience managing projects. While knowledge is great, I see too many people who have project management certificates and even a post-graduate degree in the field without any real-world experience. This is not the right way to go in a project management role. You need to have some experience. You may now be wondering how to become project manager.

  • Take stock of where you are at the beginning. I consider a 4-year degree the minimum requirement. Then, experience is the best.
  • Plan your career in project management.
  • You don’t have to go back to school to learn as much as possible.
  • It’s great to have a piece of paper that states you did something, but it shouldn’t be relied upon for anything.
  • Establish and maintain professional relationships.
  • Find organizations that value project management and research them.
  • You must refine your plan and keep it going.
  • After gaining years of experience managing projects, it is possible to make an informed decision whether a return to school for an advanced degree is a good idea.

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