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In Not the Status Report episode # 4 I talked about, a site similar in function to where anyone can ask questions. Answers can be voted up or down, and the top answers are rated.
The site is great and I love what it has to offer. So I interviewed Steven Kass, one of the people behind this site.
Tell Steven about yourself.
I am a Project Manager with over 10 years of experience. I have been working in IT since childhood, mostly in telecom and data network projects.
Two years ago, I received my PMP certification. It was an interesting experience.
Many users have much more experience than me, and I learned a lot from them.
Tell me more about – How did it get started? allows you to ask questions about project management.
I am a project manager and have searched the internet for information that could help me in my job over the past ten years.
A few months back, I was researching a web application that could help me and my team better manage our various projects. I came across which is a Q&A site for programmers, created by Joel Spolsky & Jeff Atwood. I noticed a significant difference between their site, and other Q&A sites and forums. It was so much easier to exchange knowledge. It was only designed for programming questions.
We decided to launch a StackOverflow for project managers? with a friend who shares my passion. This is how began.
What are the best things to find?
They will be able to access all questions and answers that have been posted by users. The content is created by users.
All content is available without registration. There are already more that 200 questions answered by users. is a great place to visit – for both the question-askers as well as the people answering questions.
Asking a question on the site has the advantage of allowing you to get clear feedback. It is well-structured and you can quickly see the best content. What the community likes most will be displayed at the top, right next to your question. Simply go to the page where your question was posted and you will see the top-voted answers.
To ensure you don’t miss a great idea in LinkedIn discussion, you will need to read every post. Email discussion requires that you read every email.
It’s also a great way for searching. It’s also a great way to search. You have probably searched for a question for ten hours and then gave up. I find that search engines return poor results. There is just so much information on the Internet.You can ask the question on You never know who might have the answer. If not, we have a structured way to document all information found on the question. Your question will receive clear feedback over time.
It is also a great place for people who don’t have any questions to share their knowledge and experiences.
Posts can be voted on. You can either get an appreciation for your input or it can indicate that the post needs to be clearer or more convincing. I’ve noticed that I frequently go back to check if my posts receive a good rating, and sometimes rework them to make them more useful and clearer. This is the beauty of the site: you are competing to help the person asking the question!

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