How to prepare for the CIS – Software Asset Manager Professional exam?

The corporate world has adopted the survival of the fittest concept. It is possible to get the dream job, but it is now more difficult to keep the job. It is important to stay current in an age where every hour new technology emerges. To show passion for your job, you will need to continue taking certification exams and training courses. If you don’t have the right resources, these certifications can be difficult enough. This article will provide you with all the information you need to pass the Servicenow CIS Software Asset Management Exam. We will also provide all the necessary details and preparatory materials. So, let us get started.
ServiceNow’s CIS – Software Asset Management (SAM), Exam defines the purpose, audience and testing options. It also covers exam content, test framework, test structure, and prerequisites for becoming a ServiceNow SAM Implementation Specialist. The CIS – Software Asset Management Professional exam is now a requirement to obtain a job in the corporate IT industry. For software management and efficiency, every organization requires a certified professional. As perfection and professionalism have become more mainstream, certifications are becoming increasingly important.
What is the CIS-Software Asset Management Professional Exam?
The ServiceNow CIS- Software Asset Management Professional exam certifies a candidate has the necessary skills and knowledge to assist in the configuration, implementation, maintenance, and support of the ServiceNow SAM Professional application. This exam is open to all ServiceNow customers, partners and sales engineers, as well as employees who are interested in becoming ServiceNow SAM Certified Implementation Experts. The following major testing will be required for the CIS- Software Asset Management Professional exam:
1. Software Asset Core Overview and Fundamentals – 14%
2. Data Integrity – Attributes and Data Sources – 28%
3. Practical Management of Software Compliance – 30%
4. Operational integration of software processes – 13%
5. Extending SAM – 15%
Let’s now look at the exam overview. It is important to have all the details before you begin the actual preparation.
Exam overview
You need to know the length of the exam, the number of questions, and the types of questions that were asked. Only then can you complete your preparation.
Types of questions
These are the formats for the CIS Software Asset Management Exam questions:
Multiple Choice (single answer), – Each multiple-choice question requires at least four answers. Exam takers review the responses and choose the best answer to the question.
Multiple Select (select all the applicable) – There are at most four possible answers to each multiple-select question. The question will indicate how many responses should you select. Candidats taking the exam review all possible responses and choose the best answer. Multiple-select questions require two or more correct answers.
Register for the exam via Webassessor. The exam results will be available immediately after you have completed it. For $150, you can retake your exam. Here’s a table to help you make your decision:
Name of the examCIS- Software Asset Management Professional examNo. Questions asked60Type of questionsMCQs and Multiple selectTime allotted90 minsCost of the exam$300Languages AvailableEnglishNow let’s look at the prerequisites for the exam, which are the trainings that will assist in generating the voucher code.
Exam Prerequisites
ServiceNow requires that you complete the following prerequisite CIS Software Asset Manager Training courses to prepare for the exam. The following courses contain information that is not available elsewhere.

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