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Certified Food Safety and Quality Auditors, (CFSQA), inspect food processing plants, commercial slaughterhouses, and other food manufacturing companies to ensure safety and sanitation regulations.
ASQ provides this certification and it is considered a mark for quality excellence in many industries. This exam validates your knowledge and skills in the field. This will allow you to advance your career and open up new possibilities in your field.
What is CFSQA?
A Certified Food Safety and Quality Auditor is a professional who has a thorough understanding of the principles and standards for auditing a Food Safety and HACCP-based system. CFSQA uses a variety of tools and techniques to evaluate, question, and report on the system’s sufficiency and defects.
This profession requires that you analyse every element of the system and report on its compliance to safety management criteria.
Why choose CFSQA- Certified Food Safety and Quality Inspector?
ASQ certifies Certified Food Safety and Quality Inspectors. This certification is a mark of excellence in quality. This certification will be a great help to you.
First, by expanding your career options
Your mastery of quality skills can help boost your organisation’s bottom line.
You can also become a Certified Food Safety and Quality Inspector CFSQA to show your commitment to quality and make a positive impact on your career.
We provide the basics about the exam so you don’t get too excited before you start getting excited for it.
CFSQA- Exam Details
Name of the ExamCertified Food Safety and Quality AudiorOffered byASQ- American Society for Quality ControlNo. of Questions135 questionsTotal Duration4 hours 18 minutesCost$460Prerequisites for the Exam
A bachelor’s degree in food science or another related field is necessary to become a certified food safety auditor.
This exam requires applicants to have strong communication, analytical, and decision-making skills.
These are the prerequisites for taking the CFSQA exam in terms of education and work:
Work Experience
CFSQA exam requires that you have at least five years’ experience in one or both of the following areas: certified food safety and quality auditor. You must also have at least one year of experience in a decision-making role.
This exam requires a degree from any college, university, or technical school that is accepted by ASQ. Part of the five-year experience requirement will be waived. The waiver of would be as follows:
Associate degree — One year waived
Then, you can get a Bachelor’s Degree — three years free
Also, master’s or doctorate — four year waiver
Mode of CFSQA Exam
You can take the exam in one of these two ways:
Computer delivered
You will need to answer 135 multiple-choice questions in the computer-delivered mode within 4 and a quarter hours.
Pen and Paper
You will need to take the test in pen and paper mode at a registered centre. The test will have the same 135 multiple-choice questions. It will take approximately 4 and a quarter hours.
Steps to becoming a Food Safety and Security Inspector (CFSQA).
STEP 1: Get a Bachelor’s degree
A bachelor’s degree can help you get a job as an auditor. Many universities offer degree programs that prepare students for careers as food safety professionals.
STEP 2 – Apply for an Entry-Level Job
After completing your bachelor’s degree you can start looking for work in the food safety industry. You don’t have to look for a job immediately as a safety inspector. This experience can lead to work as an auditor in the food industry.
Learn the industry standards and make sure you understand them. Prepararily, you may receive on-site training.

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