How to prepare for AZ-700 Designing Azure Networking Solutions Exam

The Microsoft Azure AZ-700 exam is designed for professionals with subject expertise in planning, implementing and maintaining Azure networking solutions. This includes hybrid networking, connectivity and routing, security and private access to Azure services. The demand for Microsoft Certified: Azure Engineer Associate is also increasing. Many candidates are preparing to take the AZ-700 exam in order to be certified. As a result, the exam has become more difficult. This blog will cover everything you need to know about the AZ-700 exam.
To make things easier, the AZ-700 exam guide has been divided into steps that will allow you to start your journey in a complete manner.
Step-by-Step Study Guide for Microsoft AZ700 Exam
Step 1: Learn the AZ-700 Exam Pattern
The Microsoft AZ-700 exam was created for candidates who have the skills and knowledge to design, apply, and maintain Azure networking solutions. They are also responsible for hybrid networking, connectivity routing, security, and private accessibility to Azure services.
Azure Network Engineer Tasks:
Azure Network Engineer is responsible to suggest, plan, and apply Azure networking solutions.
They also control the solution for performance and resiliency, scale and security.
Third, they are able to deploy networking solutions using the Azure Portal, PowerShell, Azure Command-Line Interface, (CLI), and Azure Resource Manager templates, (ARM templates).
The Azure Network Engineer must also work with solution architects, cloud administrators, security experts, and DevOps to deliver Azure solutions.
Knowledge Requirements
Candidates must have expert-level knowledge and skills in Azure administration to pass the exam. Candidates must have a solid understanding of network, hybrid connections, as well as network security.
Exam Format: AZ-700
The Microsoft AZ-700 exam will contain 40-60 questions. This exam validates candidates’ abilities to execute tasks such as planning and applying core network infrastructure, securing networks and planning and implementing private Azure Services access. The exam can be taken in English at $165 USD*. Candidates must score at least 700 to pass the exam.
Step 2: Review the Exam Objectives
This is an important part of your preparation. Every exam has a topic. To gain a deeper understanding of a topic, it is important to read through every section. There are many topics to the Microsoft AZ-700 exam, each with sections and subsections. Let’s take an overview of them!
1. Learn how to design, implement, and manage hybrid networking (10-15%)
Learn how to set up, implement, and manage a site-to–site VPN connection
Learn how to set up, implement, and manage a point-to site VPN connection
Learn how to design, implement, and manage Azure ExpressRoute
2. Learn how to design and implement core network infrastructure (20-25%)
Learn how to plan and apply private IP addressing in VNets
Learn about how to plan and apply name resolution
Learn how to plan and apply cross-VNet connectivity
Learn how to plan and apply an Azure VirtualWAN architecture
3. Learn how to design and implement routing (25-30%)
Learn how to plan, apply, and control VNet routing
Learn how to design and implement an Azure Load Balancing System
Learn how to design and implement Azure Application Gateway
Learn how to implement Azure Front Door
Learn how to implement an Azure Traffic Manager profile
Learn about design

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