How to Estimate Stories Using Pivotal Tracker

If you are a development/consulting firm, your clients sometimes want to have an idea of total time and cost of the project or yet another iteration before they sign any contract.
The next and most important issue is to stick to the agreed estimates throughout the entire development process.
Pivotal Tracker is able to handle the second flawlessly! It is based on hundreds of successful large-scale projects, so it uses proven agile methods that will ensure your process is always top-notch.
Pivotal does not have a native time estimation feature. There are two ways to do this.
1 – The first approach is to do a workaround, and then map out points to hours.
1 pt = 1h2 pts= 2 hours3 pts= 6 hours5 pts= 10 hours,AP
You can decide your own proportion
Next, calculate how many 1s 2, 3s, and 5s it takes to get an estimate of total hours.
You can predict when an iteration will end by using velocity, which is the average number of points accepted in the past few iterations.
2 – The second approach is to use a third party integration and combine the best of both.
Everhour integrates with Pivotal Tracker in a way that is simple and easy. This allows you to quickly evaluate stories and then do it from the Pivotal interface. You do not have to change any agile principles within the product.
Let’s say you have a backlog that the client has asked you to review.
Analyzing all relevant stories will allow you to indicate the involvement of a team member. Simply select him from the list and give a rough number.

After you’re done, you’ll see next to the story titles the total estimate and reported time to date, if any, along with the total for all tasks within a particular panel.

You can create several reports that you can then show or send to your customer.
You can group tasks by iteration, showing members, story types, and estimates.

You can also create a report that includes the entire involvement of a particular department.

Everhour allows you keep your customer updated on a daily basis. This will ensure that your team is moving according to your original estimates. You will increase the number and satisfaction of your customers by increasing transparency in the development process.
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