Happiness Hero and her Sidekick – Activecollab

We can now save up to four hours per day by staying at home and not driving.
Hi, my name is Sharne McDonald. I work for hi5 as part of a remote team of five that is developing a tool to review coworkers called hi5. My role in this Cape Town-based company is Happiness Hero. This means that I handle Customer Success, Customer Support, and Help documentation.
ActiveCollab was first used by our team when we had more people working remotely. ActiveCollab has become our favorite tool for managing and collaborating with our tasks. We don’t rely on any particular project management method at the moment. We just go with the flow and enjoy the structure that we’re slowly building. ActiveCollab’s tasks and subtasks allowed us to control our planning and delivery process. We realized that this method works for us. ActiveCollab’s tasks, subtasks, and time estimation allowed us to shape our planning and delivering process. This was partly possible because all of our team members are located in Cape Town. We have increased our productivity, efficiency, and now we can save up to four hours per day by not having to commute. Here’s the ActiveCollab Experience
ActiveCollab was my first experience. ActiveCollab was used for 2 years. During the onboarding conversation, the manager kept assigning tasks and projects to me, which eventually led to nearly 100 emails in my inbox. Although I was overwhelmed (as I mentioned), the software is very easy to use. It’s a completely different story today. It’s a completely different story today.
ActiveCollab has handled many projects, including Customer Success, DisruptHR and Development. Let me share with you one of our projects. It consists of multiple lists that are arranged chronologically. Purpose? To help me stay organized. The tasklist below shows me everything I need to do for a company function. Each task is broken down into subtasks. The task due date is actually the top-of-the list subtask due date. I simply change the due date of each subtask when it is due. I keep getting reminders to do it. I mark them off my list if they do not confirm their presence. In this example, a completed task means that the speaker is not attending. My manager and I have been using high priority features to label tasks. It acts as a marker that breaks down the task list into two sections. It’s a small, but very useful solution that we came up with. It allows us to record everything. ActiveCollab gives anyone who needs to take over my tasks or help me with them a quick overview of everything that has been done.

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