Five Questions with Corey Kirkendoll – CompTIA’s Community Leadership Award winner

CompTIA’s Community Leadership Award winner shares his thoughts and discusses the importance of diversity in helping to advance your business. Corey Kirkendoll doesn’t like to be a spectator, he prefers to be on the field. 5K Technical Services’ CEO, a Plano-based MSP, is always available to help. This drive was just one of the reasons Corey Kirkendoll was chosen to chair the Managed Services Committee. Kirkendoll is a passionate and dedicated leader who has supported many CompTIA communities, including the Managed Services Community and Cybersecurity Community. He also received the CompTIA ISAO’s 2022 Community Leadership Spotlight Award for his outstanding leadership, passion, and professionalism in supporting the objectives and initiatives of CompTIA.
Kirkendoll spoke to CompTIA recently to share his story. He also shared his thoughts on what is important to him and how diversity can help you to grow your business. Here’s what he had a to say.
Why is Advancing Diversity in Technology important?
“I believe that many companies are missing out on great opportunities because they lack diversity. Whether it’s market opportunities, or finding great employees, I believe there’s untapped talent in places you don’t normally go to search for. It’s crucial that we go to those places and search for the talent. It doesn’t matter if it’s HBCUs or other professional organizations. It’s important to make it a priority for them to hire more diverse technology talent. Many minorities and others don’t believe technology is the right place for them. They don’t see others like them or don’t feel welcome in it. It’s a great opportunity to show them that technology and IT have a place for them.
What are the challenges/trends surrounding Advancing Diversity in Technology? Do you want to draw more attention/awareness?
“I believe that showing that there are opportunities is important. Technology, even though it is widely discussed, can sometimes be hidden from plain sight. Most people don’t know how to achieve it. They know they want it, but don’t know how. It is important to let them know that there are options and make it easy for them to access it. That’s the greatest challenge.
How can you work with CompTIA in order to address these issues and increase awareness?
“I am not one of those guys who sits on the bench. I love to be involved in the game. It all comes down to education. I want to promote the idea that diversity is possible if you are trying to make your organization more inclusive and bring in diversity. Is it reflective of what you want to build? If not, I would start from there.
“Working with CompTIA one of the things that we do is [creating] tools, resources and methods to help people learn how to be truly diverse. What does this really mean? You need to make sure you have the right practice and the KPIs in place to be able achieve that. People will respect what you inspect. If you don’t inspect and say, “We’re going higher and doing things,” it won’t happen.”
What are you most proud about in your career? And what has helped you get where you are today?
“I was raised in Oklahoma, a very rural area. I never imagined I would be able to do the things that I do, especially as a CEO of an IT company. The most proud thing about me is not only what I have achieved and accomplished, but also how I was able give back to others and let them know that it is possible. That’s what’s important. Corey will tell you the worst thing.
“The community is another thing that has been amazing. It’s been a great experience to be able to learn from others and get advice. Sometimes it can be lonely at the top or feel isolated. CompTIA is a great example of the openness and willingness to share that I love about the technology community. You’ll discover that someone is either coming from where you are, into where your going, or about to get there. There’s always someone who can lend an ear or a helping hand. All you have to do is ask.
What advice would you give MSPs and other tech companies regarding increasing diversity in technology?
“It has been shown that the more di

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