CISA Domain 3: Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation

This article covers –
Understanding the domain in general
Exam-oriented concepts that you should focus on
The article is divided into 9 parts, as follows:
Part 1 – Understanding, Benefits realization, and its techniques, Portfolio management, and business case
Part 2 – Project Management structure and Project Organizational forms, OBS and WBS
Part 3 – Project management practices, Software size estimation, Traditional SDLC approach
Part 4 – Various testing classification, Various changeover techniques
Part 5 – Certification and Accreditation, AI, expert systems, Agile development Software re-engineering, and Reverse engineering
Part 6 – Benchmarking process and Capacity Maturity Model Integration, (CMMI), Process procedures & controls
Part 7 – Different types of data editing and controls
Part 8 – Data integrity testing, its types, Four online requirements for data integrity – ACID Principle
Part 9 – Different types of online audit techniques

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