CBSE digital learning for CBSE board classes 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th

What does Tupoints consist of?
Tupoints is an eLearning pack of animated lessons on specific curriculum e.g. CBSE. It’s offered on a DVD as well as online download. The course is available for classes 6 to 10 for CBSE curriculum.
How do I use Tupoints?
Since Tupoints is a digital learning program, one needs to have a computer system of a particular specification. These details are available on the brochure accompanying the DVD as well as on Tupoints website.

When is activation of Tupoints done?
After installation, the system asks for product key and serial key to be entered for activating the Tupoints course.
What is Product Key and Serial Key?
Product key and serial keys are used for activating the Tupoints course .These keys are supplied together with the DVD. During activation process, one has to enter these keys when asked by the system. Once the activation is done the licence is valid for one year.
When do I use these keys?
During the course of installation and after registration and log-in to Tupoints client software, the authentication pop-up shall appear prompting the user to enter the Product Key and Serial Key for activation of Tupoints. The user has to enter these key exactly as printed on the sticker. The system will show a message that activation occurred successfully. Thereafter the user can select the subscribed courses and use Tupoints.

Where can I buy Tupoints?
Tupoints is available online as well as off-line on leading online e-commerce stores as well as physical stores in Karnataka. One can also buy Tupoints on Tupoints’ website following which the course shall be delivered to the purchaser.
How do I subscribe Tupoints?
one can buy Tupoints online through credit card on e-commerce stores as well as on Tupoints website. Alternatively, one can visit stores where Tupoints is available and buy it there physically.
What is the validity of Tupoints?
Tupoints is sold for one year after which the licence expires. There after if one wants to use it further, it needs to be subscribed again following the same process as the original subscription.
How do I extend the validity of Tupoints hassle freely?
If one is already a user of Tupoints, there is already an account of the user on Tupoints website. One can buy it again on Tupoints website and the course then shall be activated.
What is Tupoints Progressive Learning?
Tupoints Progressive Learning is a computer based self learning solution to studyyour entire syllabus from home. TPL is a complete learning package which explainsall related concepts in a simple manner clarifying all doubts, allows you to practicethose concepts online and offline, offers you mock tests to prepare you well forthe exams well ahead of others. TPL allows you to study at your convenience fromany place having computer connection..
What is a Product ID/key?
When you subscribe to TPL, you are given a DVD which will have product key writtenor printed over it.Product key IS A 16 digit code used in the process of activationof TPL content.
What is a Client?
A Client is a software provided by Tupoints to access and use TPL content on one’sdesktop or laptop. It can be downloaded following specific instructions.
What is online practice?
Tupoints has it’s own online practice program which has different modules such as“Ready Test”, “Smart Test” and “Create Test”. Depending upon subscription, a studentis allowed to access those programs and practice online at one’s ease, convenienceand to one’s practice needs.
Is Tupoints available as an online download?
Yes Tupoints is offered as an online download.You may subscribe Tupoints online and opt for an online download.
How do I download Tupoints online?
If you subscribe Tupoints online and opt for an online download, you shall be provided a link on your dashboard on Tupoints website. You may click on this link which will allow you to download Tupoints content online.You need to ensure that you have a system which meets the requirements and good internet bandwidth for Tupoints download and installation.
In case of online download of Tupoints how do I get Product Key and Serial Key to activate Tupoints on my system.In case of an online download option, the system shall be provided Product Key and Serial Key through a mail to help Tupoints installation.

How do I install Tupoints to use it on my system?
If one has got Tupoints DVD, one needs to insert the DVD in the DVD drive of the computer and access the content on the DVD drive. There shall be a file with Tupoints icon. Click on this file and the installation process begins. After installation, the system requires the user to register Tupoints client which is a part of the process it self. The system then prompts the user to log-in which is a sequential process. After log-in the Tupoints client player appears where subscribed courses are visible in the drop down. One has to select a course and activate one by one before use.
I am unable to install 3.5 frame work on my system?
There is a possibily that .net was not installed properly onthe system..You need to use .net framework clean up tool. to clean the previous version of the .net framework from your system and then run installation again.
I am unable to play Tupoints properly ?
You may copy the player from the setup file and change the. net to add the details.
I am unable to run user two on my computer on which I have installed Tupoints already?
Please check the time format as it exists in your computer for user 1. If the date format is different, please make it similar to user 1 and Tupoints will run.
After installation how do I use Tupoints next time?
After successful installation, Tupoints icon(shortcut) is automatically created on the desktop of the user. The user may just click on the Tupoints icon to use the course.

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