AWS Data Exchange Now Offers Third-Party Data Set Subscription Service

Amazon Web Services announced this week AWS Data Exchange. This allows third-party data to be accessed in the cloud from a variety data providers. These data can be used in many analytics and machine learning, as well as other services.
The AWS Data Exchange is a continuation of the cloud giant’s previous efforts to provide customers data sets such as the Registry of Open Data (AWS)
This two-pronged service targets both cloud users and qualified data providers. The latter include Reuters, Dun & Bradstreet and Foursquare, TransUnion and IMDb.
Customers can subscribe to either free or paid data sets once they have been found. They can then be stored in Amazon S3 storage containers and used via a special API in a variety cloud-based analytics services such as big data processing using Amazon EMR, data warehousing and Amazon Redshift, ad-hoc queries with Amazon Athena and data integration and ETL (AWS Glue), and building data lakes and machine learning services with AWS Lake Formation.
Customers can choose from over 1,000 data products from more that 80 providers on AWS Marketplace.
AWS announced that data products are available for a wide variety of industries, including financial services, healthcare and life sciences, geospatial as well as consumer, media, entertainment, and other sectors in a Nov. 13 blog post. Customers can review the terms and prices of data products before they subscribe to them. Customers can access the AWS Data Exchange API console or console to load data from their subscriptions directly into Amazon S3 for use across the largest and most comprehensive range of cloud services.
Jeff Barr, AWS spokesperson, wrote his own post to provide details about the new service from both provider and subscriber perspectives. He stated that AWS Data Exchange is now available and you can use it immediately. “If you have some interesting data that you would like to publish, go here (AWS Console). Developers can browse the product catalog to find data that will enhance your product.

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