AWS Blockchain Templates Offer Cloud Onramps for the Technology

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), now offers blockchain templates. Blockchain technology is a new distributed computing system that can be used for many purposes, including securely recording events, medical records, identity management, and the management of Bitcoin cryptocurrency.
Many people refer to blockchain as an incorruptible digital asset ledger that can transform many areas of computing. However, it is still poorly understood.
No matter what it is, AWS cloud users now have access to templates for blockchain technology. Jeff Barr, AWS spokesperson, had trouble explaining the technology. He cited an old Saturday Night Live skit that described a product that can be used in dessert toppings or floor wax.
Barr wrote last week that blockchains are being considered by some of my contacts as a foundation for a new monetary system, and a way to facilitate international payment. “Some see blockchains as a distributed ledger, immutable data source, and a way to apply it to logistics, supply chain and crowdfunding.” It is evident that there are many interesting possibilities. We are working to help customers use this technology more effectively.
The company does this by offering options to quickly and easily launch a private or public Hyperledger Fabric network or Ethereum network.
Its website states that Ethereum is a decentralized platform running smart contracts: applications that run exactly according to their program without any downtime, censorship or third-party interference.
Its website states that Hyperledger Fabric is a blockchain framework and one of The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger projects. Hyperledger Fabric is a foundation for building applications or solutions using a modular architecture. It allows components such as membership services and consensus to be plug-and play.
Two launch options are available for Ethereum Network templates in the three U.S. regions.
“The ecs option creates a Amazon ECS cluster within Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and launches a set Docker images in that cluster. The docker-local option can also run within a VPC and launch Docker images on EC2 instances. The template supports Ethereum mining, EthStats, and EthExplorer status pages. It also includes a set nodes that implement and responds to the Ethereum RPC protocol. Both options create and use a DynamoDB database table for service discovery, as well as Application Load Balancers to display status pages,” Barr said.
Barr stated that regardless of what blockchain networks are used for Barr said that the company plans on adding new versions to the frameworks as soon as they become available.
There are many websites that attempt to explain blockchains. These include and

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