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Two years later, in a world still severely impacted by COVID-19, the job market has seen a huge fluctuation from the status-quo. These changes have had a profound impact on employees and companies across all industries. These changes have impacted the strategies of all industries. These corporate strategies, and the work that goes with them, are changing. These times are changing and technological advances are driving the demand for new solutions. These record-breaking paces are expected to be met by companies. Companies must be able to provide more innovative products and services to satisfy customer’s ever-changing requirements. This is possible by delivering more scope and addressing more requirements. This is a brief overview of why project management is so important today. Let’s now get into the details.
Why would you want to be a project manager?
According to Project Management Institute (PMI.org) studies, the demand for project management skills and effective project management will continue to rise as 22 million Project Management jobs are expected to be available by 2027.
This is not a coincidence. All industries have a desire to provide more innovative products and services. They are now realizing the importance of effective project management in creating them. Project-based work is becoming more common in today’s organization society. Project management is therefore important today.
To produce a deliverable, these projects must be properly managed. Project Management is more than just taking notes, holding meetings, or storing Excel sheets and PowerPoint slides in folders. Project Management is the ability to use skills, knowledge, tools to see a project through from conception to completion. This will ultimately bring value to the company as well as its customers. Simply put, great Project Management leads directly to great products or services.
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What do Project Managers do?
Let’s get specific! Here are the duties of project managers and why project management is so important today.
1. Proper Project Planning
Without a plan, how can a company create an innovative product or service? A well-designed plan is essential for creating these solutions. Effective project management will ensure that you have a plan. Organizations can define the scope, tasks, and costs necessary to bring the solution to life. Proper planning is crucial in a world where every decision can either make or break an organisation.
2. Essential Leadership
You must not only plan a project to be successful, but also execute it. You must also be able to manage the team and complete the tasks. A project manager is a leader in project management. They guide the team towards completion of the project and inspire them. This is another reason why project management has become so important.
3. Improved Resource Allocation & Utilization
Imagine two C-level executives working in silos on concurrent projects, but drawing from the same team resources. This is how inefficient it is! Project Management is essential because it allows companies to allocate resources efficiently to meet their needs.
4. Alignment and Visibility
Let’s look at another reason project management is so important. Project members can get lost in the details of executing tasks necessary to create an innovative product or service. They might lose sight of the other prior tasks.

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